The entry-level model for a great variety of stress-free baked goods.

It goes without saying that, with all of our innovations, we do not lose sight of the cost aspect. A particularly good example of this is the Artisan SFC. Its compactness and great price-performance ratio are convincing arguments. Its strength is product diversity through different, exchangeable stamping and piston tools. The result: a great variety of artful, square rolls.

Performance features:

  • wide feeding belt for convenient dough feeding
  • dough belt duster with large storage container and controllable drive for even dusting of the dough belt
  • touch panel with pictograms for language-independent operation
  • quick and easyadjustment of the machine by means of pre-installed standard programs
  • max. 50 programs can be stored
  • guillotine and stamping station for a maximum product variety
  • dough sheet calibration system by means of innovative calibration ledges
  • optionally available with dampening and seeding unit

Not every decision has to be a hard one. The following overview shows you at a glance which machines will best meet your demands with regard to the end product. Everything else we’ll find out together in a detailed consultation that has only one aim: Making your success perfect and sustainable.


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