The compact dough dividing and rounding machine with higher hourly capacity.
At Koenig, development starts long before the construction of a machine. Observation, market analysis, consideration of customer demands and the innovative power of our engineers formed the basis of this programme.
In the Futura version, the Mini Rex has two different stamp ledges of different size, i.e. an enormous weight range can be covered with one machine.

Performance features:

  • capacity of up to 4000 pieces/hour, set at 33 strokes/min.
  • extended weight range through the combination of 2 dividing stamp sizes
  • optimum rounding results via continually adjustable rounding eccentric
  • roller hopper with approx. 15 kg dough capacity
  • 2-row operation
  • industrial PLC control with quick access keys
  • plastic drum for easy cleaning
  • also available with special stamps
  • stainless steel cladding, executed in accordance with state-of-the-art safety and hygiene standards
  • quick access keys
  • machine weight approx.: 350 kg
  • power supply: 0.75 kW
Weight range Number of rows Piston size Max. hourly capacity  
13-35G 2 SKG 40 4000

weight ranges

16-40G 2 SKG 45 4000
20-65G 2 SKG 51 4000
25-75G 2 SKG 54 4000
35-85G 2 SKG 58 4000
40-105G 2 SKG 63 4000
65-130G 2 AKG 67 4000
70-140G 2 AKG 70 4000
85 -160G 2 AKG 75 4000

The dough is filled manually into the roller hopper.

Optimised dough portions (depending on the single weight of the dough pieces) are conveyed into the dividing area by means of rotating star rollers (dough feeding stars).

The horizontally moving slider presses the dough into the openings of the rotating dividing drum. The excess quantity of dough is conveyed back to the dividing area by a scraper ledge.

After an anti-clockwise rotation by 90°, the rounding of the dough pieces is performed by an oscillating rounding plate. The rounding eccentric can be set depending on the dough consistency and dough weight.

After another 90° rotation, the dough pieces are transferred to the discharge belt.


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