The endless dough belt line for a great variety of stress-free baked goods
The Certo Pan M is based on a completely new system of dough ribbon creation that guarantees maximum weight accuracy without wasted dough by using a rotation principle. In order to avoid discontinuities, and thus irregularities in the dough, the added dough is rotated in a drum. With an oscillating cutting knife, the rotating dough is formed into a constant endless dough sheet.

Performance features:

  • dough throughput of up to 600 kg per hour
  • maximum hourly capacity of 7,500 pieces (square rolls) or 6,000 pieces (rounded rolls) when working with 5 rows
  • infeed of dough via integrated box lifting unit
  • endless dough sheet production by the use of a rotating disc hopper and an oscillating cutting knife
  • exchangeable cutting rollers for varying numbers of rows for the dough sheet
  • usable dough sheet width approx. 240 mm
  • even dough pieces with high weight accuracy through endless dough sheet
  • optimal cleaning on account of large maintenance doors and swivelling disc hopper
  • easy operation with PLC control and touch panel with pictograms

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