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Bakery Combinations offers a wide range of slicing and cutting equipment from HOBA for the requirements of small businesses right up to high capacity industrial bakeries. When it comes to packaging we partner with the best of its kind, Niverplast. Niverplast provides us with all packaging solutions varying for all types of bakery needs. We at Bakery Combinations offer both reciprocating and band slicers for every type of bread, bread roll or cake products and ultrasonic cutting machines for cakes (round, loaf and tray-bake products), gateaux, pizza and similar products.

Packaging – Flow-Wrapping and Bagging
Niverplast enables us to cover the needs of every size of business offering simple flow wrapping machines and bagging equipment, including counting equipment, up to high capacity machines for large industrial bakeries.

Combined Slicing and Wrapping or Bagging
Bakery Combinations is also able to offer combined slicing and wrapping or bagging machines. HOBA range includes slicer/wrapping and slicer bagging machines for bread (either complete loaves or a fixed number of slices), bread rolls (either fully sliced or partially “hinge” cut), cakes (whole cakes to individual slices), focaccia, biscotti and many other products.

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