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We supply innovative bakery equipment. Whatever your requirements, Bakery Combinations offers a wide range of end-to-end industrial solutions. From raw ingredients to the finished product, we have the technical knowledge, experience, and network to provide the perfect bespoke solution for your

Whether you bake pastry, baguettes, artisan bread or any other product that involves flour, Niverplast is our trusted partner in helping you improve your businesses operations. Niverplast provides innovative packaging lines though standard machines, or tailor-made solutions. Regardless of your machinery, all Niverplast technology has been designed meet hygienic and quality standards.

“Your precious bakery products need to be carefully handled. Imagine, croissants transported towards the filling station and completely ruined when falling in a box. Not with a Niverplast packaging line – packed in perfect shape, just as they left the oven”.

We supply innovative
bakery equipment