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Technosilos is a global company focused on the industrial management of raw materials. Market leading solutions for the complete, customised management for handling of powders for the food industry. Automatic systems to monitor items such as flour and sugar along with bulk storage requirements.

MIWE is a German brand which has a proven track record for excellence in baking technology for over 100 years. Synonymous for baking and proofing, the brand today is recognised as the global benchmark for quality, innovation and technology. As true proud partners of MIWE, Bakery Combinations is honoured to carry the brand into the Trans-Tasman market. With high performance products which
include industrial and modular deck ovens, rack-based systems, proofers, retarded proofers, blast chillers and freezers, this partnership brings world-class technologies to the local market. At MIWE, the aim is to continuously achieve baking excellence by making baking easier.

Sancassiano provides a comprehensive range of mixing equipment, specialising in manufacturing mixers, kneaders, automatic mixing, proofing systems, and sourdough systems. The brands equipment solutions are built for bakeries and various food production processes for various applications such as; bread and roll dough, cake batters, meringues and mallows, cream, butter, fillings and liquids.
Mecatherm designs, manufactures, and installs automated equipment and production lines for industrial bakeries and pastry-making activities across the globe. It devotes a substantial part of its activities to research and development and provides a direct technical and commercial relationship with its customers.
Ferneto is a Portuguese multinational company with a production area of 18,000 m2. With extensive experience in world baking, coupled with a highly motivated team, Fernto focuses on proximity, quality, service, and innovation. These values have enabled sustained growth in industrial baking industry on an international level. Ferneto speaks bakish.
Tecnopool offers solutions from deep-freezing to cooling, pasteurising to proofing, and product handling, all the way through to baking. As experts in spiral equipment technology, Tecnopool proudly adapts to the everchanging demands and needs of their customers.
Koenig provides a comprehensive range of automatic and semi-automatic roll production lines. Koenig expertly covers the entire production sequence of baked goods. Globally recognised as the market leader for roll machines and lines, Koenig is well-known for their premium quality machinery, robust processes, and innovative technology. Outside of Koenig’s experience in Roll and Artisan Bread Lines, they also offer turnkey donut solutions.
Based in Delbrück, Germany, Georg Hartmann Maschinenbau GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technology which is designed to cut, and pack baked goods and food products. The range of services extends from individual machines to customer-specific turnkey systems.
Rademaker specialises in the develop of machinery used in the production of dough and lamination for global industrial baking markets. The brand uniquely specialises on premium bread genres from artisan bread, pizza, croissant, and pastry sheeting lines.
Specialising in bakery, confectionery, and catering machines, REGO HERLITZIUS in Wuppertal has been in the business of manufacturing modern products that combine form and function for over 95 years. The baking leader provides a wide range of technology which cover products from beating and stirring machines, planetary and kneading systems, cream cookers and premium-quality bread slicing units.
Hengel designs and manufactures controlled fermentation equipment for bakery and pastry preservation, and rapid chilling and freezing for the food industries.
Niverplast has developed an innovative film packaging solution which is used to protect and transport a wide range of products. As its core business, Niverplast combines specialised knowledge of the internal logistical process and technology to box, bag and pack various food products from bread, meat, fish, and non-food products.

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