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We supply innovative bakery equipment. Whatever your requirements, Bakery Combinations offers a wide range of end-to-end industrial solutions. From raw ingredients to the finished product, we have the technical knowledge, experience, and network to provide the perfect bespoke solution for your

Every bakery process starts with mixing. In this first stage, product quality shall be determined. Together with Sancassiano we design our solutions around your requirements.

Sancassiano is one of the world’s leading brands in the baking industry. They provide solutions that range from small batch mixers to large fully automated solutions, from ingredient supply to robot mixing with up to batch sizes of 800 litres. With an endless list of clientele within the food manufacturing space,
Sancassiano has an expertise and a solution for all bakery products.

Sancassiano: Just mix it

Since 1962, Sancassiano specialises in manufacturing mixers, kneaders, automatic mixing and proofing
systems and sourdough systems. They deliver vertical batch or continuous mixers, planetary mixers, automatic solutions with bottom discharge, mixing carousels and mixing robots all over the world.

We supply innovative
bakery equipment