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At Bakery Combinations we see our role as supporting clients by providing the best quality of service and equipment available to the Australian bakery industry.

Support for us is about communicating the specific equipment needs of our clients to European suppliers, whilst making sure these suppliers meet all those needs exactly as per our client’s wishes. That support must continue from pre-sale right through after sales service by our trusted, nominated European service partners,field engineers and spare part supply from or through our Sydney based head office.

Through our partnership with leading suppliers of reliable equipment, our clients benefit from many years of experience in the bakery industry. We offer a wide range of equipment, parts and service for all types of structural bakery varying from Craft, Wholesale and Industrial.



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Our Solutions

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.


Ingredients Handling

Bakery Combinations is able to offer solutions for almost every potential requirement for bulk storage and handling of powders for the food industry from its specialist manufacturer Technosilos. The most common powders stored are flour and sugar and Technosilos offers automatic systems to monitor such items.



At Bakery Combinations we provide a comprehensive wide range of mixing equipment for bakery and food production of various applications such as bread and roll doughs, cake batters, meringues and mallows, creams (dairy and non-dairy), butter/fats, fillings (sweet and savoury) and liquids.


Dough Make Up

Bakery Combinations always relies on KOENIG when it comes to providing a comprehensive range of automatic and semi-automatic production lines. KOENIG has empowered Bakery combinations to provide the best automatic and semi-automatic production lines for nearly every bakery product available on the market today.


Proofing and Baking

For yeast raised products which require proofing we at Bakery Combinations offer both batch systems from MIWE to process and capacity requirements of the customer. For batch, rack based systems, in addition to proofers, MIWE also offers retarder proofers, retarders, blast chillers and freezers.


Cooling and Freezing

For batch or continuous cooling and freezing, Bakery Combinations has a solution which meets all capacity requirements in the modern bakery for both craft and industrial bakeries and some other types of food manufacturers.


Slicing and Packaging

Bakery Combinations offers a wide range of slicing and cutting equipment from HOBA to suit the needs of both small businesses and high capacity industrial bakeries. Bakery Combinations offers both reciprocating and band slicers for every type of bread, bread roll or cake product and ultrasonic cutting machines for cakes (round, loaf and tray-bake products), gateaux, pizza and similar products.


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We at Bakery Combinations always aim to Reduce Downtime!

At Bakery Combinations we will support your full production process. We provide a complete scope of services to cover all system and process related issues through the operational lifetime of your machinery:

  • Rapid response and first line support
  • Service engineers solving issues in the shortest of time (avoiding unnecessary down time)
  • Experienced and highly qualified staff

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